“With degree­-level qualifications in Sport Science, Strength & Conditioning and Massage Therapy, I offer bespoke programs that have your long-term fitness goals and wellbeing at their core.”

My Ethos

Using a holistic approach and the latest best practice, and supported by scientific evidence, I believe I can create an effective, personalised program to improve your health and fitness. I don’t offer quick fixes, shortcuts or secret exercises. What I do offer is a greater understanding of the key factors that contribute to your overall health. With determination, commitment and consistency, you can achieve your goals – and I am confident that I can help.

The way I work

The studios in which I work are well-equipped with state-of-the-art heavy duty fitness machines, as well as a wide range of apparatus that I prefer to use with my functional training methods. Primarily, I focus on body weight exercise, Kettlebells, Gymnastic Rings, Olympic Weightlifting, Bulgarian Bag Workouts and TRX® Suspension Training®. These techniques exercise more muscle groups, increase flexibility and core strength, and have proven long- term benefits.

Every client is different and will require a unique approach to achieve their fitness goals, and these can be broken down into three distinct groups:

Bespoke Personal Training

It’s all about you

First, I conduct a holistic assessment. This includes functional movement screening, identifying the client’s current food intake and nutrition, assessing lifestyle variables and taking work commitments into consideration. This custom-designed training program will help you achieve your goals. Bespoke Personal Training (BPT) is not just about getting results on schedule and being motivated; it’s also about making long lasting positive changes to your health and fitness.

Strength & Conditioning

Be on top of your game

This is essential for anyone looking to enter amateur or professional sport and wanting a clear and progressive development pathway leading to performance enhancement. The content is based on best practice supported by scientific evidence and will guide you with the knowledge and understanding required to create an effective program designed to improve sport performance.


Get back on your feet

After a number of years’ experience working with professional and amateur athletes, as well as with clients with disabilities and medical conditions, I’ve developed this program to help overcome severe and minor sports injuries and repetitive injuries such as back pain, knee pain and shoulder pain. Finding balance and creating an effective program to keep you healthy and pain-free is key to this program. It’s essentially a combination of ‘hands-on’ sport therapy techniques, massage and trigger-point therapy to maximise results.


Emma Pierson


Training with Roman is an absolute joy!... I’ve been working with him for over five years and he always strikes the perfect balance of driving me on to the next level whilst keeping our sessions fun. He continues to help me achieve the results I could never have reached on my own.

Darren Hamilton

Professional boxer
British Light-Welterweight Champion

I didn’t realise my own strength and power until I fought and won against the strongest opponent in my weight division, Adil Anwar in 2013. The benefits were a massive increase in speed, endurance and power. I owe it to a smart and effective method of training that brought me to peak fitness without injuries. Now I feel confident to challenge for a world title.

Tommy Evans

CNN producer, Emmy award winner,
Producer of the Year 2012

Roman is one hell of a trainer. His training style is tough yet creative and diverse, and really is custom-designed training. His understanding of rehab and recovery has been a huge help for me in recuperating from a back injury. But most of all, Roman is just a good guy to work out with, always with a smile and a laugh.

Training Locations

My private fitness studio, park, or your own home – wherever is convenient for you, I am happy to adapt.

I have a very flexible approach to training, and the choice of location is key to you feeling comfortable and relaxed – in order to get the most of out of your training program.

As a member of the exclusive Urban Fitness Co in N1, you will benefit from sessions sited within a professional, well-equipped and quiet environment, free from the crowds, hustle and bustle and blaring music of regular gyms.

Gym Box

As a member of VPT's Gym Box, you will benefit from sessions sited within a professional, well-equipped and motivational environment, with access to unique frames, weightlifting platforms and state-of-the-art heavy duty fitness machines.

Public Spaces

Training in a park environment is another great way to get fit. Benefits of outdoor training while using TRX®, body weight exercise and running intervals can be an incredibly effective and extremely natural way for anyone who spends all day in an office. N1, NW8, EC1 only.

From Home

For your own comfort, using the 'home environment', I can create an effective training program with very little equipment while keeping sessions fun yet challenging.

Experience and qualifications

I attended Charles University in Prague and studied for an MSc in Sport Science, graduating in 2006. In 2003, during my degree, I won a football scholarship to St Francis Xavier University in Canada, where I lived for four months and qualified as a personal trainer.