“My vision is to encourage transformation through functional movement, breath work and nutrition.”

My Ethos

Using a holistic approach and the latest best practice, and supported by scientific evidence, I believe I can create an effective, personalised program to improve your health and fitness. I don’t offer quick fixes, shortcuts or secret exercises. What I do offer is a greater understanding of the key factors that contribute to your overall health. With determination, commitment and consistency, you can achieve your goals – and I am confident that I can help.

The way I work

Every client is different and will require a unique holistic approach to achieve their fitness goals, and these can be broken down into three distinct groups:

Find your baseline

Movement screening and holistic assessment

I use advanced biomechanical analysis, 3D MAPS combined with a holistic conversation to help you find your baseline. Where are you at and where do you want to be?

3D MAPS (3D Movement Assessment Performance System) is developed by the Grey Institute and considered one of the most in-depth biomechanical assessments out there. As a Fellow of the Grey Institute, I’m at the forefront of this movement bringing you the most impactful and scientifically grounded assessment tools. I combine this with deep insights into nutrition and mental health to give you a complete understanding of your wellbeing.

Move better

Targeted functional training

I’ve been studying biomechanics since 2003. I infuse that deep knowledge and experience into your own personalised functional training program, focusing on bodyweight exercises you can easily do at home or in the park. Together we work on strengthening, stabilising and mobilising your body to help you perform at your best.

In light of the recent situation where held hostage by corona virus, I'll be offering focused training sessions online. After the lockdown we can expand the exercises to include gym equipment and park sessions again.

Nourish body and soul

Nutrition, Mindset and Mindfulness

Training your muscles is one thing, but performance and strength only come if you support your muscles with the right mindset, nutrition and lifestyle. These softer factors play an important part in our wellbeing and performance. Many old traditions know that health starts in the gut. What you eat is what you are. I help you find which foods work best for you, and I bring my knowledge of the Wim Hoff method and shamanic practices to help you explore how your breath can empower your mind and body. The mind plays an important role in our daily performance and targeted mindfulness and meditation techniques help you sleep better, train better and recover faster.


Emma Pierson


Training with Roman is an absolute joy!... I’ve been working with him for over five years and he always strikes the perfect balance of driving me on to the next level whilst keeping our sessions fun. He continues to help me achieve the results I could never have reached on my own.

Darren Hamilton

Professional boxer
British Light-Welterweight Champion

I didn’t realise my own strength and power until I fought and won against the strongest opponent in my weight division, Adil Anwar in 2013. The benefits were a massive increase in speed, endurance and power. I owe it to a smart and effective method of training that brought me to peak fitness without injuries. Now I feel confident to challenge for a world title.

Tommy Evans

CNN producer, Emmy award winner,
Producer of the Year 2012

Roman is one hell of a trainer. His training style is tough yet creative and diverse, and really is custom-designed training. His understanding of rehab and recovery has been a huge help for me in recuperating from a back injury. But most of all, Roman is just a good guy to work out with, always with a smile and a laugh.

My Story

I was born 21.05.1981 in Prague, Czechia. I grew up in the small town of Rakovnik with my mother and sister. I was naturally attracted to many sports like ice hockey, swimming, basketball, volleyball, karate and others from an early age. However my biggest passion was playing football. I joined the SK Rakovnik football club academy at the age of 6. Going through all junior categories until the first senior team. When I turned 24, I became the SK Rakovnik Junior's head coach of the football academy.

In 2002, I was accepted into the prestigious Charles University in Prague to study my Masters in Sport Science with a vision to become a professional football manager. In 2003, I won a football (soccer) scholarship to St.F.X. University in Nova Scotia, Canada. During my studies of human kinetics, I also qualified as Personal Trainer CPTN at St.F.X. University in Nova Scotia. I graduated with a Master degree in Sport Science from Charles University in Prague in 2007 with my final thesis on Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of scored goals in the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

In 2008 I decided to move to London, UK for what was supposed to be a 6 month experience to improve my English. After a couple of weeks I found a job as Personal Trainer in Virgin Active Health Club in Islington. I fell in love with personal training and fitness. After 12 month I became a PT manager. His love for training people and athletes led him to leave a management role at VA to become a freelance personal trainer working at various PT studios and commercial gyms. I was a resident VPT for a 7years at Gymbox Farringdon which I left in March 2020. Highlights of these years include my work as strength and conditioning coach for high profile athletes like former boxer and British champion Darren Hamilton. It was also a huge pleasure to work with Hannah Rankin to bring home the first Female World Champion title for Scotland and to train BJJ European Champion in grappling Ross Nicholls. My passion for football continues as personal trainer for a Sevilla FC goalkeeper and 2x Czech football player of the year Tomas Vaclik.

Last decade I dedicated himself to learn from the best in the field of human movement and performance. His interest in biomechanics and understanding of functional human engineering led him to rigorous study with Gray institute and Functional Anatomy Seminars, FRC and FR. In 2018 I graduated from a one year mentorship program GIFT with Gray Institute in Michigan, US and became Fellow of Applied Functional Science.


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